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Liberty, Texas Revisited

April 8, 2014

If I may digress from retelling the events of the reunion, I’d like to say some things about what made growing up in Liberty, Texas special. Consider the following points:

It was geographically efficient – you could drive all over town in less than an hour.

Just about everybody was friends with everybody else. Not that we never had disagreements. I remember when I bloodied my best friends nose in the 5th grade over a girl named Ann. His name was Mike. We were attending the Immaculate Conception Catholic School. The next day we’d forgotten all about it and were best friends again.

Given that Liberty was a small town with only an indoor theater, a drive-in theater, drive-ins with food and carhops, and a bowling alley that later burned down, our options were limited. The drive-ins (or “drive-arounds”) did allow us to show off our new flashy paint jobs and cool hub caps to anyone who might be there also showing off. Despite our lack of options compared to a big city, we always found things to do and rarely got bored. As I mentioned in a previous blog, there was sports, a very big part of our lives. And there was the Trinity River bottoms which provided opportunities for exploring and hunting snakes. And, yes, we drank ourselves silly every chance we had.

I’d rather not end on that comment about the drinking, so I’ll just end my brief recollection of good times in Liberty. I’m hoping that my classmates will contribute their memories to this modest literary effort. Anybody out there listening (or reading)?

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