Looking for a Rufous

What a Life? What a Life!

“Rufous” started years ago on my long commutes to and from work, talking to people and thinking about who they are and what they are doing with their lives. The “What” (a Life?) part also relates to the “why” and the “why not” from your own perspective. If you are not happy with your job and your life, why not try to change it and do something different, something more personally fulfilling. Instead of “I can’t wait until Friday gets here” or “Oh no, it’s Monday again”, do something to change your situation and whole attitude about your life. The whole “Rufous” thing just means that your personal fulfillment can be like finding the bird, which can be elusive, but worth looking for.

Hopefully something I write in my blog will resonate with you and at least make you think about your life, personal fulfillment, and making a contribution in this world.

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