Poetry I think limbers up the mind, kind of like mental calisthenics, and gets us out of that pattern of structured thought – for kids, doing their math homework and for an adult solving a problem at work. For me most of my thinking is structured, but I like to read poetry and occasionally write poetry. Here are some samples.

MAB’s Math
(A birthday poem for my daughter at age 1)

A child, sibling, kid, what else?
With us (wife and me), one and one makes three.
Two into three won’t go but wait
One into two, two plus one can be.

MAB is one now, but are we?
MAB’s math is the answer and a clue.
We are one, two, and three.
Simple, quite, besides it’s true.
MAB Michelle marvelous melodious
Adrienne divides the M and the B.
We multiply, she divides and adds.
To subtract is not necessary you see.

A tinkling sound her laugh tears
The crinkly companions her grins.
Her silly shuffling gait moreso endears.
To our lives and joy, her life lends.

Michelle’s Poem
(On her nineteenth birthday)

This is a poem to my daughter, Michelle.
It’s a birthday poem, she’s nineteen.
She’s grown so much the last eighteen.
We, she, and I have grown, perhaps apart to some degree.
In her early years, we were such pals and friends.
Her hats by the score she wore,
Kind of like her mom, she loved hats.
First born, blonde, blue-eyes, the Apple of Dad’s eye.
Through the years ‘til now, where will she go, we go?
No longer the little girl, but a woman now, she’s grown,
My little girl has grown.
Today she seeks, she aspires, she fears, she dreams,
Ambitious in her own businesslike way.
Uncertainty moves, one direction then that, and back.
She’s living her life and life will be good to her I know,
Because she is loved by me and by God,
She’ll do fine I know.

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