2015 Preview

For my thousands, hundreds, or scores of faithful blog readers as the case may be, read on for a foreshadowing of what to expect in 2015. As you may have already surmised, what I present to you for your edification and enjoyment is not always predictable, although I do have “themes” and favorite topics. So, read on for my list of what to expect, either brand new topics or continuations of previous posts. I may add other topics as the year goes on.

  • Who is Peter Finch? – He played a character in the movie “Network” (1974), a satire about the news industry. He’s mentioned in my August 1, 2013 post, “America – I like the Old America, What about You?” The movie is available on Amazon if you’re interested. *
  • Running – Always surprising and off the cuff, a favorite topic. *
  • Mindfulness – This too is a continuation of a previous post. Still researching this interesting concept. *
  • A Life Transformed – Probably not the title I’ll use, but this will be a topic that follows the theme of this Rufous blog, i.e. what do you want to do with your life.
  • Seven Deadly Sins – The actual title of a brand new topic. Wait and see. *
  • Vietnam Revisited – A continuation of a previous post, kind of a déjà vu flavor of my own experiences and some recent research about the Vietnam War, facts you may not be aware of. *
  • Love is the Key – The actual title of a new topic based on a song. Wait and see. *
  • How important is it? – Continuation, similar to a previous post, how relevant is the issue to you? *
  • What is Your Rufous? – The actual title of a topic about a familiar theme. Wait and see. *
  • Good deed, one per day! – New, wait and see. *
  • Oregon and Texas – My two home states, I reserve those as topics for a blog or two or three. *
  • Media Potpourri – Look for some creative, thought provoking items (music and pictures) in this About category. *

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