Pep Rally and the Game

Let’s hop into the DeLorean again and go to a high school pep rally in Liberty. Let’s set the time ahead about a day November 8, 1959, 2:00 p.m. First, in case you don’t already know this – Texas high school football is a big deal, was in 1959 and still is. On Friday nights, it’s not an option to miss the local team’s battle against their opponent. You load everything up in the truck or station wagon (SUV) and head over to the game. Best to leave early to get a good seat unless you’re in the game as a player, in the band, or a cheerleader. I was in the band that year and played the cornet. I missed out on the glory of the gridiron, but it was fun making out in the back of the bus on away games.

Let’s back up for a minute – I left out an important part of this whole scene, the pep rally. Try to put yourself in a “déjà vu” frame of mind. The DeLorean skids to a stop in front of the old gym in 1959. You’re walking into the gym, and it’s decorated with black and gold banners and a giant inflated Panther mascot that forms a tunnel for the team to run into the gym. The LHS Prancers and the cheerleaders are all decked out and waiting for the festivities to start.

But that was 1959, now it is 2013, and we are LHS alumnae from 50 years ago, this big group of people 60 plus years old over at one end of the gym. The announcer introduces us as the class of 1963, and the crowd cheers. We socialize and take lots of pictures, and sing the Panther fight song. Having finished the festivities, it is time to go back and enjoy some food and drink.

Did I mention that folks from the Pacific Northwest are very picky about their beer? Before I came to Texas, I sent Ed an e-mail and asked him to see what he could find in the way of a craft beer. He found one called Lawnmower brewed by St. Arnold’s Brewery in Houston. It was quite tasty and complimented the chili and other food. Thanks, Ed.

After eating and talking for a couple of hours, we left my friend Ed’s house and drove to the football stadium. The déjà vu feeling is working – bright lights, noise, lots of people, and then the smoke is released, and the Panthers come streaming out onto the field. They are playing Tarkington that night for a playoff spot in the 2013 season finals. I stood in front of all of my 1963 classmates, sitting in the stands cheering for the Panthers, and took a picture. I felt like I was capturing an image from 50 years ago, and the spirit of the moment felt much the same.

Cooking Up Some Texas Chili

Cooking Up Some Texas Chili

The Panthers Take the Field

The Panthers Take the Field

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